Asthma And Sinusitis Treatment With Reduced Breathing Exercises

There are many articles covering how to get rid of a stuffed nose in many magazines and also on the internet. However not all this techniques help when it comes to sinusitis. Sinusitis can be eased with the help of various breathing exercises. Most of these exercises may not help in curing the condition. They only help in relieving stuffiness thereby making breathing easier. However, most doctors believe that some of these exercises if done repeatedly on a daily basis can cure sinus.

How to Get Rid of a Stuffed Nose through Exhalation Exercises.

Breathing ExercisesYoga techniques such as pranayama known as bhastrika have been proven to help in prevention and treatment of sinusitis. This breathing exercise requires that you sit in a comfortable and upright position. Once this position is achieved, you are required to make about 10 forceful exhalations and relax for 30 seconds. After the 30 seconds break, you should do 20 exhalations and rest for another 30 seconds. Finally, exhale thirty times and take a breather. One thing to consider here is to make all the exhalations forceful and ensure there you exhale once per second. This is bound to relieve your nose of stuffiness. It also makes you able to breathe easier and comfortably. If you feel dizzy when doing this yoga exercise, you should stop and breathe normally. This breathing exercise is also not suitable for pregnant women.

How to Get Rid of a Stuffed Nose through Interval Inhalation and Exhalation.

This is a breathing technique made up of the following steps. First and foremost, maintain a comfortable upright posture. Shut your mouth ant place your right thumb on the right side of your nose. Breathe in through the left side and let go. Place your left hand on the left side of your nose and breathe out through the right side. This should be done repeatedly for about two minutes for maximum results. This technique is intended to open up your nasal passage as you breathe in and massage them as you breathe out. This is what gives you relief. One thing you should ensure is to be in a clean setting and ensure your eyes are closed throughout the exercises. This makes you feel at ease.

These breathing exercises are basically yoga exercises that are intended to treat sinus. It is believed that a person suffering from sinus condition can fight the condition by repeating these exercises for at least ten minutes every day. The exercises not only relieved you of sinus symptoms but also make you feel more energized. This is one reason why these exercises should not be done before going to bed. This is because you require less energy when going to bed since your body is at rest and does not utilize as much energy as when you are active during the day. Generally, when looking for ideas about how to resolve a blocked nose, you should ensure that all the ideas given are medically proven and are not bound to have any major side effects that may make your condition worsen.

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