Celtic Astrology Tree Symbols – What Do They Mean?

As you may know, we here at open research have an interest in the mystical arts. How then could we resist and invitation to look at that ancient Irish form of Astrology – Celtic Astrology.

If you are a fan of astrology, be more than likely have seen different astrological charts that have been made which are typically representative of either 12 months or 12 years. For instance, when looking at Western astrology, it is divided into 12 different sections, each representative of not only a month, but also one of the 12 zodiac constellations. In Chinese astrology, there are also 12 parts, each represented by animals as well, but they are representative of years. A very interesting form of astrology is Celtic astrology which can be interpreted in a couple different ways. Some people use different animals for each zodiac sign, whereas another form of Celtic astrology is representative of tree symbols. This article will address Celtic astrology and explain what each of the tree symbols means.

What Is Celtic Astrology?

Celtic astrologyceltic tree photo is thought to have originated from the Druids thousands of years ago. In their religion, trees represent a sacred place in which spirits actually reside. There is some debate as to which Celtic astrological system is the most accurate, with some people quoting ancient Irish writings whereas others will look at ancient Greek texts. Essentially, it is based around a lunar calendar which is composed of 13 months. It is centered around the moon which is representative of the subconscious mind, hidden mysteries, and your past lives. The goal of Celtic astrology is to remember past lives and to build upon the knowledge you have acquired before.

Tree Spirits And Animal Symbols

Druidism is a religion that focuses upon nature, and also our relationship to nature while we are alive. Living in harmony with nature was the goal of all Druids, and that our physical world, which is composed of energy, is actually linked to a supernatural world. By becoming balanced in your life, you would have access to more of this energy, and be able to find happiness and success. The connection between this world, and a supernatural one, could be bridged when looking at both tree spirit symbols and animal symbols at the same time.

Celtic Astrology Tree And Animal Signs

There are 13 different tree signs that are used which all represented different tree. These trees include Birch, Rowan, Ash, Alder, Willow, Hawthorne, Oak, Holly, Hazel, and the Elder Tree. The other three tree signs are representative of vines, ivy and reeds. The animal signs that correlate with the tree signs include the Stag, Cat, Snake, Fox, Cow, Seahorse, Wren, Horse, Salmon, Swan, Butterfly, Wolf and a Falcon. The combination of the two different types of signs represented different aspects and the energies that you should attract. By understanding what your signs was, you could know what opposing energies you needed to attract to find balance in this life.

Whether you choose to use Celtic astrology, or some other form of astrology, the key to using it properly is to know more about yourself. Once you know the type of personality that you have, you will be able to more successfully pursue someone to bring balance to your life by understanding the meaning behind the astrological symbols.

Photo by Stanković Vlada