Fact Or Fiction – Is Middle Age Spread Unhealthy

Middle age spreadA perfect indication that one has belly fat is the shift of the belt notches. The more the shift the more one is adding belly fat which puts one at risk of contacting heart disease and cancer among other illnesses. A European Society of Cardiology Congress confirmed that the fat that gathers on internal parts of the body poses a great danger to the overall well-being of an individual. In addition, stroke and high blood pressure are the other illnesses that one can contract if belly fat remains uncontrolled.

Belly fat is not characterized by being obese but skinny people are also said to be in danger of belly fat that is only seen through carrying out a CT imaging.

Harmful Effects Associated With Belly Fat

Belly fat remains active as any other part of the body where it stirs hormones and other substances that are inflammatory. The fat usually breaks down into fatty acids that stream into the liver bringing about a series of reactions. The negative effects that occur due to the presence of the fatty acids in the liver include the production of harmful cholesterol that hampers the performance of insulin. Insulin regulates the amount of blood sugar in the body and the presence of the fatty acids usually works against its role.

Risk Factor Of Belly Fat In Men And Women

The rate of belly fat collection is higher in men than in women. Men tend to start accumulating belly fat in their adolescent stage which indicates the reason why they develop coronary diseases more than women. Men are prone to early death due to excess belly fat since it is associated with cardiovascular malfunction. At the age of 60, men also suffer from erectile dysfunction if belly fat remains uncontrolled. On the other hand, fat that accumulates in women especially before menopause protects them from heart diseases through production of certain hormones. The fat in women tends to accumulate in their buttocks and around thighs. Women become at risk of heart conditions due to belly fat when they reach menopause since fat starts accumulating in their belly.

Belly Fat Solutions

Genetic makeup largely dictates the accumulation of fat in ones body. Some genes direct the fat cells on where to cluster ranging from the belly, buttock or the thighs. The other factors that contribute to the accumulation of fat in the body are inactivity and intake of foods that are rich in calories. Liposuction and surgery are known to reduce the risk of accumulating belly fat but they are not as effective as exercising. Intensive physical activities provide a perfect solution to the people with belly fat. Thirty to sixty minutes of active engagement in activities eradicates a significant percentage of intra-abdominal fat if practiced on a weekly routine.

Losing weight can be achieved in all parts of the body if one eats a healthy meal with fewer calories in addition to exercising. Belly fat tends to burn more when one exercises and taking a healthy meal sustains a body free of excessive fat.