Can Health Tendencies Be Credibly Implied By Astrology Analysis

health and astrology Many in the West dismiss astrological significance with the wave of a hand. In their eyes, astrology simply provides horoscopes. But if you really think about it, what are horoscopes but predictions about how an individual’s life will turn out based on intricate details such as time and place of birth and position of planetary bodies? In the same way, what is a medical prediction? It concerns how an individual’s life will turn out based on intricate details, in these instance symptoms. So, why not merge the two?

It has already been established that joining science and horoscopes is a possibility, so why not join something as concrete as medicine with something as scientific as astrology study? Of course, it wouldn’t be as simple as picking up the morning paper to discover if a migraine headache is in the cards; however, a person’s birthday is an unavoidable mark in their life and certainly has more meaning than a set number of digits indicating when a person’s birth took place. What’s more, the intelligence of the universe has no less created an inescapable set of laws! The deeper scientists delve, the more they comprehend that “the planets do have some sort of navigational pull.”


At one time, astrology was an entirely erudite and scientific undertaking. For instance, “iatromathematics” or “medical astrology” is as old as the discipline of medicine itself. As one noted professor affirmed, “Astrological medicine is one of the most ancient intellectual traditions in the world. For 100s of years it wasn’t unusual for educated physicians to utilize astrology when dealing with medicine.” Hippocrates, whose oath of medicinal truth is still respected by all who enter the field today, has been credited with the motto, “a physician without knowledge of astrology has no right to refer to himself as a physician.”


These days, at least in the western hemisphere, the appeal of astrology seems to have waned, and is now generally labelled “hogwash” by the scientific community. Their reasoning is that though such symbolism and universal symmetry were helpful clarifying examples way back when, humanity has advanced through technology. For example, we can now take photos of things half the breadth of a hydrogen atom and see billions of light years into space, so why is it important where Saturn is positioned in the sky?

However, astrology does not disappear due to the rationalizations of unenlightened individuals. For instance, the season of our birth, it has been discovered, seems to have a powerful influence on our health. Depending on when you were born; spring, summer, autumn, or winter, a person could have a higher or lower susceptibility to allergies, bipolar disorder, Type 1 diabetes, sleep disorders, multiple sclerosis, and schizophrenia.

Much has to do with man’s ego. It seems that modern day scientists are loath to confess to anything dealing with astrology. Many find it incongruous that the month one is born can influence their future life chances, noted well-known neuroscientists. Then, in a wave of contradiction, scientists point out no less than twenty-four various health disorders linked to the season a person is born, and eventually admit, “even with human seclusion from seasonal variations in temperature, food, and light-and-dark cycles in industrialized countries, the seasons do appear to have a minute, yet important impact on when a person is born and various aspects of health.”

Another well-respected neuroscientist stated, “We know there is a strange link between seasonal birth and certain disorders; however, we don’t know why.” Ironically, there are those who do know why. It’s amazing that even the greatest minds are prone to “narrow mindedness.” Astrology and the health of individuals has already been established centuries ago, there’s no need for man to now try and “reinvent the wheel.” The universe is an intelligent organism and does not need the approval or disapproval of man for its existence. Man can discover, but he cannot change what has already been created. Most recently this topic has surfaced in the UK Parliament which has again brought the combination of astrology and medicine into the public arena.


To complete this article, I’d like to give some examples based on high quality Chinese astrology study transposed into Western astrology standards. The Chinese have a long history of both astrological investigation and herbal/natural medicine. They are world leaders in understanding the relationship between the astrological/astronomical and medical worlds.

The list below indicates where each sign is vulnerable and where disease is more likely to manifest. For example, Aries is vulnerable in the head region and may be more susceptible to migraine headaches and other diseases indicative of the brain region. Virgos govern the area around the abdomen, liver, and intestines and may be prone to intestinal problems, colitis, liver problems, etc.

Aries: Head, face, eyes, brain

Taurus: Throat, neck, vocal tract, thyroid gland

Gemini: Arms, lungs, shoulders, hands, respiratory and nervous system,

Cancer: Chest, breasts, alimentary canal, stomach,

Leo: Heart, chest, spine, upper-back, spinal column,

Virgo: Digestive System, spleen, intestines, nervous system

Libra: Kidneys, skin, buttocks, lumbar region,

Scorpio: Reproductive system, sexual-organs, excretory system, bowels

Sagittarius: Hips, thighs, sciatic nerve, liver,

Capricorn: Skeletal system, knees, joints

Aquarius: Circulatory system, ankles, calves

Pisces: Feet, toes, adipose-tissue, lymphatic system