How Likely Is Alien Life In The Universe

is alien life out thereThere are many people who wonder whether we are alone in the universe. As we go about our day to day activities, most people do not have this on their minds. However, late at night, if you are lucky enough to live in an area of the world where you can stare deep into outer space, you may ponder the question of whether or not we are the only planet in the entire universe that actually has sustainable life. Stories of alien visitors have permeated the news media for decades, even centuries when you look back to the writings of early America, and even journal entries by Christopher Columbus. It makes you wonder if their perceptions were simply naïve about oddities that they were witnessing, or if they were actually experiencing extraterrestrial life. This article will address how likely it is that alien life truly does exist in the universe, and also whether or not this type of life is interacting with us now.

Prospect Of Alien Life In The Universe

It is estimated by science today that there are literally billions of planets in the universe, and potentially hundreds of millions of planets in our own galaxy, that actually have the possibility of sustainable life. These planets are called Goldilocks planets, those that are actually in what are called a star’s habitable zone. Like our own planet Earth, it is at the right distance by which life such as our own may actually exist right now. Therefore, based upon these estimates, it is clear that the probability of other life is definitely in our favor. The difficulty in proving this is the distance that we have to travel in order to reach stars that may have habitable life, and also at what point in their evolution that this life has actually evolved.

Is Alien Life Interacting With Us Now?

Although there is no tangible empirical proof that a spaceship has actually answered our atmosphere, landed, and interacted with people on our planet, there are thousands of stories that have been gathered for decades from people that have claimed to have had alien contact. Some of the most reputable stories include the Betty and Barney Hill investigations of the early 60s in which they claimed to have been abducted by aliens. To assume that this interracial couple would actually point attention at themselves during such a racially charged time in American history, making themselves the target of even more ridicule than they were already experiencing, makes one wonder, as with hundreds of other stories of alien abductions and encounters whether or not these interactions are truly real, and not the figment of a person’s imagination.

Possibility Of Contacting Extraterrestrial Life In Our Lifetime

The possibility of actually being able to interact with extraterrestrial life in our lifetime is not highly probable due to how slowly our spacecraft are able to travel throughout the universe. Although the idea of going into warp speed like on the famous Star Trek television show and movies is wonderful to imagine, it is likely not going to happen anytime soon. Our only hope of actually interacting with alien life is that these advanced civilizations are interacting with us now. It is possible that they have been doing so for thousands of years, in limited ways, or in extravagant ways that we simply do not remember, hidden in the recesses of our subconscious mind. Regardless, it is illogical to assume with so many planets in our own galaxy that could contain life similar to our own that we are truly the only life in existence in what appears to be an infinite universe.

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