Research Project : Importance Of Fitness To Singing

Breathing and aerobics for singingThe importance of becoming fit to sing cannot be overstated. Just like a person who plays an instrument has to keep excellent care of that instrument, you should remember that your body is your instrument. Whatever helps to improve your health also improves your voice. Singing isn’t always though of as exercise, but it is actually an athletic activity. Think about how your body moves during singing. Although you may not be moving very much, your lungs and diaphragm are in constant motion. There are a few main types of exercise which can be used to help support your vocal work.

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise raises your heart rate and increases your lung capacity. You may think of aerobic exercises as anything that makes you breathe more deeply. Some common examples include walking, swimming, aerobics classes, and jogging. You should also take part in a variety of other activities that would have a similar effect. Younger singers and teachers advocate aerobic exercise much more than older ones. Due to fairly recent research, some teachers may not be aware of the clear benefits. However, if you want to improve your lung and diaphragm strength and function, try to get at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity into your day on most days of the week. 

Muscular Conditioning Exercises

Singers can also benefit from using muscle conditioning exercises to become fit to sing. While you can focus on several areas, it may be beneficial to pay special attention to your core muscles and engage in a variety of these exercises. However, make sure that you start off slow or else you risk creating tension in the neck and shoulders which can negatively effect your voice. Some of the popular exercises in this area include sit-ups, ab exercises, and crunches. These types of exercise can be difficult to start if you’re unfamiliar with weight training, so you may want to work with a trainer to create a routine. Since your diaphram is located in your core muscle group, it’s going to benefit when you start with a weight training regime. For muscle conditioning exercises, fit in a routine on 2-3 days of the week. More can actually have negative effects, so avoid over-straining your muscles.

Neuromuscular Coordination Exercises

These exercises are not always as popular but often combine aerobic and muscle conditioning exericses in one. They are fairly low-impact and can have a stress-relieving aaffect as well. Probably the most common type of exercise in this category would be yoga. Yoga is a type of exercise which focuses on breathing and core strength so it may provide a variety of benefits. If you are interested in a stress-relieving exercise, consider taking a yoga class. Not only does it provide significant benefits for your voice, it can also help you achieve greater peace of mind at the same time.
In conclusion, singers strive to have greater energy without greater tension. These exercises can help singers to improve their vocal skills and mental blocks to progress, achieving greater success so it is well worth the time and effort to take up one or more of these exercises.