Is Faith Healing Credible?

Religion and HealingThere are many people that claim to have the power of healing, a power that allows them to channel healing energy through their body that comes from an outside source that enables them to heal people of illnesses. Many religions have individuals that have used these healing energies in the past, helping hundreds, even thousands, of people cure their illnesses. In Catholicism, one of the most famous was St. Francis, an individual that was said to channel the healing power of God. In modern times, faith healers such as Benny Hinn have been shown on national television raising his hands, causing people to fall back and go into convulsions, and subsequently be healed. The question that many people ask is could this all be show, designed for television ratings, or is it actually real. Here is an overview of the origins of faith healing, and an assessment as to the validity of whether or not it actually produces positive results.

Origins Of Faith Healing

The concept of faith healing actually began with the Christian religion, beginning with the appearance of Jesus 2000 years ago. Whether you believe this individual to have been real, it is from this history that faith healing began. Jesus was said to have the power to lay hands on people, or simply cast illnesses are we, by simply asking them to leave. Subsequently, followers called disciples and apostles were able to do similar things. In modern times, people of the Christian faith have many people that are said to have possessed, or do possess, powers that are similar. Their ability to remove illnesses from people, sometimes thousands all at once, has been shown many times. But are these people actually being healed? Is there scientific evidence to show proof that it is real, or is this a sideshow designed to generate substantial amounts of money? Here is what we know about faith healing today, and whether or not it works.

Is Faith Healing Real?

The problem that faith healing has today, opposed to what other healers claim to be able to do that operate from a more esoteric or spiritual perspective, is that these individuals tend to be part of multimillion dollar church organizations that are able to generate substantial donations, whether they are healed or not. There is also very little scientific evidence or medical evidence to show that individuals that attend these spurts will revivals are actually healed because there is a definite absence of medical reports after the fact to show that their debilitating conditions have subsided. However, there are many people that have gone to these faith healers that you may know, or that have posted on the Internet, that had severe or terminal diseases, that have reported that their time with a faith healer actually helped save their life. Despite the lack of consistent medical evidence, there seems to be a positive trend, regardless of the money that faith healers generate, it appears to be a very real phenomena.

Find A Faith Healer Today

If you are currently suffering from some element that modern medicine cannot solve, and you are desperate, searching for virtually anything that can help, you might want to consider consulting with a spiritual healer from one of many different religious backgrounds, or contact a faith healer that may be coming through your area that may produce positive results for you.