Is There Any Value In Life Coaching?

Life coaching is an exciting new career that has root in America. With the chaotic world around us, people would like to improve themselves or learn to adapt to a changing world, yet do not have the skills necessary in order to take advantage of either changes in culture, the new technology, or business skills.

life coaching imageA life coach is skilled in various areas of motivation, skill sets, and most of all empathy and the desire to help their fellow man.

It is a quite different type of career from counseling as it deals with almost all aspects of a client’s personal life from relationships, business decisions, and life choices.

Life is filled with obstacles and barriers to getting from where you are to where you want to be. The life coach shows you techniques and methodologies that allow you to overcome obstacles, mental blocks, and the self-defeating actions that separate you from your desired outcome.

Coaching On the Telephone, Internet, or in the Home

What is are available to their clients often on a 7 x 24 basis usually by telephone. The Internet using online chat or Skype, and in some cases actually perform counseling sessions in the home.

Life coaching is not restricted to a 9 to 5 office type environment as are many other jobs in the self-help field. Office hours are flexible and adjust to the client not the other way around as with traditional counseling methods.

This means a life coach must be able to schedule time, meet commitments, and be ready to deal with emergencies as they arise in their client’s lives.

Say Goodbye standard ways of motivation and thinking

Life coaches learn how the human mind works and reacts to change and the techniques necessary to get past a person’s normal resistance to change. It has been shown and proven in studies that human beings will not change except under life-threatening conditions. Therefore, other methods have to be employed.

This is why standard self-help books, videos, and the other modalities currently in use fail.

A life coach uses unique and diverse techniques that have an effect of deep resonating with their client’s core values and belief systems. From this point, they are guided into new patterns of behavior and thought sometimes in a gradual manner such as gaining new skills or in a rapid approach to curb self-destructive tendencies.

Life coaches must first master themselves and be able to shift mindsets, as each client’s needs are different.

The Advantages Of Life Coaching

Life coaches help people in many areas of their lives such as:

Intimacy Issues
Management  of Stress
Balance in their dealings with other people
Spirituality and answering the questions that go with it
Personal Growth
Entrepreneurial and Business That Development
Career Development
Self Motivation
Time Management
Creativity Development
Removing Blocks from Artists, Writers, Musicians and Performers
Finance and Budget Planning
Lifestyle and Self-Care
Parenting Skills
and a host of other areas

The ultimate is the feeling that you have helped another human being get the most out of their lives. This feeling cannot be compared with anything else you have ever experienced in your life.

Training to be a life coach can be done in as little as three days depending on the area you wish to coach in. Normally a 60-hour program of training is recommended. College degrees while helpful if they are in certain skill areas, sometimes other types of degrees are a hindrance and run counter to learning new techniques and the new methodologies that are needed to effect the changes in a person’s life.