Researching The Possibility Of Time Travel

IThe Possibility of Time TravelYou have probably seen science fiction shows over the past several decades that have presented a very unique idea. There is the belief that you are able to create a machine that will allow you to travel backwards or forwards in time, something that seems to be reserved only for those that write fantasy books, or develop big-screen movies. The idea that you could leave your present position in the flow of time, going back in your past, or moving forward into a future that does not yet exist, is seemingly fanciful at best. However, there are three specific theories where this could actually be possible, though not provable with today’s modern technology. Here is one possible way that time travel might be possible, something that may actually occur at some point in time.

Understanding The Nature Of Time

Time is a very interesting concept that has been debated for centuries. By most counts, it is simply the measurement of the duration of time that exists and expands from the present moment. That which has happened would be in the past, and that which will occur is in the future. Therefore, time seems only to be a way of measuring how long events take to transpire, not a medium from which we can escape.

The Conundrum Of Going Back In Time

If you were to go back in time, you could actually cause several problems. Understanding that with every decision that we make, we effect everything around us, something that is referred to as the butterfly effect. The Butterfly Effect is simply an analogy that the wings of a butterfly causing changes in the ripples in the air could at some point, due to these changes, lead to a monumental accident somewhere halfway around the world. A more simplistic example would be standing at a point of decision, deciding to go left or right. Not only would you experience a different reality by choosing one direction or the other, but those that you would encounter as a result of your choice would also be affected by your presence, or your absence, in their perspective of the world. Therefore, your presence would cause them to make choices that would not occur if you were not there, and likewise if you were not there, and suddenly appeared, new choices would also be made by those who would see you in their perception of reality. In the same way that you would come to a red light and stop, or see a green light and go, if these were to reverse, in opposite chain reaction of events would transpire. Therefore, if you were to go back in time, any changes that you made me an inevitably affect your very existence. That’s why there is one theory that seems to be credible in regard to the possibility of going back in time, or even forward in time, a concept called parallel universes.

Parallel Universes

There is an idea that we exist in a singular universe, and that there are no other universes is dramatically affected if parallel universes do exist. This would mean that there are infinite versions of yourself in universes that are very similar to the one you are in now, yet all of those versions have experience a different reality. If you were to travel to one of those parallel universes, you could effectively move both forwards and backwards in time without affecting your own existence because you would not be affecting the timestream in this universe. As such, there is nothing that you could do in the new universe that you entered that could affect your existence here. Although parallel universes, and something called string theory, seems to attest to the possibility of infinite versions of our universe, like layers of an onion, that may exist beyond space-time, it has yet to be experienced by anyone today simply because if they do exist, the technology to get there has not yet been invented. Perhaps one day we may get to experience what it will feel like to go into a parallel universe, moving forward or backwards in time. Until that day occurs, it will only be a theory, a theory that has the possibility of one day becoming reality.